About Us

I am known as a “Fashionista.” I have dependably been enthusiastic about wearing perfect jewelry pieces to pair with my outfits. My style for shopping and selecting jewelry “eye candy,” and clothing I acquired from my grandmother, a lovely woman who also modeled, was always elegantly dressed, with perfect jewelry to accent her wardrobe. It was always a treat to see what stylish clothes and jewelry she would pair together in dressing for all occasions. Having been bitten by the “fashion bug” in my youth, it was only natural that as a professional, I ensured that I dressed for success which included complimenting my outfits with just the right amount of “bling’.

When I wear my unique jewelry pieces, the question most asked is, “Where did you get that necklace, ring, or bracelet”? So, Zazz & Zill (I think of something having Pizzaz) is the name I decided on for my jewelry line; we are passionate about offering quality jewelry and the highest quality of service. Zazz & Zill has allowed me to continue to follow one of my passions after a challenging yet fulfilling 32 years in civil and foreign service.

My second passion of being an avid “foodie” is also well known. I am using this platform to combine these two “loves.” In my career, I had the opportunity to travel to many countries and saw firsthand that not everyone has access to food. Our company partners with organizations worldwide (still expanding) to fight hunger.

So, food nor fashion will never go out of style! I welcome you to come along with me and Zazz & Zill in these two endeavors.

Founder – Lynn Kirkland