How Long Is a 20-Inch Necklace?

How Long Is a 20-Inch Necklace?

How Long Is a 20-Inch Necklace?

how to measure a necklace

If you have ever wondered "how long is a 20-inch necklace?" you are not alone. If you have ever bought a necklace and wished it were longer, you know the frustration of being stuck with an unflattering length. It can also be daunting to decide whether to return the necklace, especially when you don't know how to measure it properly. This article will help you figure out whether a 20-inch necklace is too long or too short for you.

What is the length of a 20 inch necklace?

If you're planning to buy a new necklace, you will need to know how to measure a twenty-inch necklace. Taking the measurement of your current necklace is a great way to start. Most sales reps carry a measuring tape so you can take the proper measurements. If you're not sure what the measurement is, you can ask your friend or family member to help you. Then, bring it with you to the store.

First, measure the length of your neck. Most women's necks are between 16 and 20 inches. That length works well for most people, though it is not required. You can also determine how long a necklace looks on the person you're buying it for. Necklaces longer than 20 inches can make a taller person look shorter. Also, a shorter necklace may make a short person look larger than she is.

How do you measure a necklace with a ruler?

You'll need a tape measure and ruler to measure a necklace. While wrapping a tape measure around the closed necklace may give you a rough estimate, you should measure the whole chain to get a correct length. Also, remember that you're sizing a necklace and should not include charms or pendants. Measure the entire length of the chain, not just the clasp. To find out the correct length, you must unclasp the necklace and measure it from one end to the other.

The length of your necklace can be measured in centimeters or inches. If you can't find a ruler that fits around your neck, you can use a flexible measuring tape and place your finger between the ruler and your skin. Measure the necklace from shoulder bone to shoulder bone, or behind the clavicle bone. You'll need to round the measurement to the nearest inch. Once you've found the correct length, bring the measurement with you when you shop.

Is a 20 inch necklace long for a woman?

The answer to this question depends on your style and your personal taste. If you want to purchase a longer necklace, try to measure the one you already have. Ask a friend or roommate to measure it for you, as they might know your neck size better than anyone. Keep in mind that your necklace will have to be a certain style and length, so you need to consider the length of your outfit before making a purchase.

A 20-inch necklace is appropriate for most women, as it is medium-length. It will fall at the bottom of your sternum, or somewhere around/in your bosom. It is important to remember, however, that the length will vary based on your body type and size. For example, a 20-inch necklace may look great on an average-sized woman, but might be too tight for a full-figured woman.

How long does an 18 inch necklace look?

A short 18-inch necklace will sit just above the bust. A longer necklace must be paired with a shorter torso. For instance, a long 22-inch necklace is better paired with a cropped blouse and a tight skirt. For full-figured women, a long 22-inch necklace can be unflattering, as it will hang too low in the chest area.

First, determine the length of your neck. The 18-inch necklace is the most common style for men, while the 10-inch length is the standard for women. However, women may prefer longer or shorter lengths. To find out what size to purchase, measure your neck at the most common lengths and wear a necklace with the same length as your existing necklace. Make sure to ask a sales representative if they have a measuring tape on hand.

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